Streamside - Browns Creek

Browns Creek Streamside Curriculum

This document is Part 2 of the curriculum for the Fall Streamside program at Spring Creek. Part 2 is for the instruction at the Streamside stations. This curriculum forms a basic framework for instruction of 4th and 5th grade students, ages 9 and 10. Additional information and expertise you may have will be welcome additions to this framework. Also, the order that you choose to follow is strictly your own. The only exceptions are the streamside walk and the Incredible Journey/hatchery/spring walk. Each group of students and instructor will be assigned a time for those walks to occur. Please keep track of the time, so that your group doesn’t overlap with others.

Incredible Journey Curriculum Curriculum

This document is Part 4 Incredible Journey Curriculum of the Browns Creek Section. Volunteers will need to set up this station at the site upstream of the culvert.

Part 4 of the Browns Creek curriculum contains the following information:
  • Spawning
  • Circle of Life
  • Hazards Of Egg Development Into Spawning Fish
  • Time Saving Suggestion