Kokanee Karnival Manual

Chapter 1 Introduction

The Kokanee Karnival Youth Education Program (Kokanee Karnival) is a dynamic, innovative, hands-on effort to teach elementary school children about the importance of clean water, healthy streams, fish natural history, conservation of fish habitat, resource stewardship, and community involvement.

Chapter 2 About KK

The outdoor environment is a significant factor in the Central Oregon economy and life-style. The multitude of outdoor activities lures more and more visitors and permanent residents each year. These people help sustain the local economy. However, the ever increasing number of people can place a significant burden on the environment.

Chapter 3 Participation

Kokanee Karnival has two levels of participation – Comprehensive and Elective. Within limitations set by funding and available manpower, both levels are offered to elementary schools in Central Oregon.

Chapter 4 Streamside

The Streamside Experience introduces students to the natural habitat, food sources, and life cycle of trout and salmon, with an emphasis on kokanee salmon, and it provides students with an opportunity to observe naturally spawning kokanee salmon. The Streamside Experience is purposely scheduled to coincide with the kokanee salmon spawning period, which occurs near the end of September. If the fish spawn before or after the date set for the Streamside Experience, be prepared to explain to students that Mother Nature is unpredictable.

Chapter 5 Hatchery

The Hatchery Experience introduces students to the purpose, activities, and benefits of Oregon’s hatcheries and the role hatcheries play in managing Oregon’s aquatic resources. The Hatchery Experience is a half-day field trip. Classrooms enrolled in Kokanee Karnival at the Comprehensive Level are required to participate in the Hatchery Experience as part of their acceptance agreement.

Chapter 6 Angling Clinic

At the Angling Clinic Experience, students learn about water safety, fish biology, angling skills, and angling equipment. The Angling Clinic Experience is a day-long field trip to a local pond. The clinic combines hands-on learning activities, games, teaching stations, demonstrations, and an opportunity for students to fish. Classrooms enrolled in Kokanee Karnival at the Comprehensive Level are required to participate in the Angling Clinic Experience as part of their acceptance agreement.

Chapter 7 Classroom Projects

Classroom projects are designed for elementary, middle, and high school students. Classrooms enrolled in the Kokanee Karnival program at the Elective Level may apply to participate in one or all of the Classroom Projects.

Chapter 8 Fundraising

Fundraising is essential to the success of Kokanee Karnival. Fundraising is necessary to increase equipment and supplies inventories, maintain the existing inventory of equipment and supplies in good working order, pay recurring operating expenses, and pay salaries of regular and contract employees.

Chapter 9 Scripts

This chapter contains presentation scripts for every portion of the Kokanee Karnival program — Streamside, Hatchery, and Angling Clinic Experiences and Angler Education. Use the scripts as a guide when presenting information to students. Adjust the scripts to accommodate students’ experience, attention span, grade level, and other factors. The scripts can be photocopied and used onsite.