Bob Mullong Volunteer of the Year Award

Bob Mullong was one of the founders of Kokanee Karnival and a tireless worker. When Bob passed away in 2012, the Kokanee Karnival Steering Committee established the Bob Mullong Volunteer of the Year award. The purpose of this award is to recognize the efforts of a Kokanee Karnival volunteer or participating teacher who exemplifies the spirit, dedication, and leadership shown by Bob Mullong.

The Bob Mullong award is presented each year at the Central Oregon Flyfishers or Sun River Anglers annual banquet.

Candidates eligible to receive this award are Kokanee Karnival volunteers and Kokanee Karnival program teachers. The Award Selection Committee develops a list of potential candidates and by majority vote selects the recipient for the award. The selection committee keeps the identity of the recipient confidential until the award is presented.

The award is a plaque that includes the name of the award, year presented and the selected recipientís name.


2013 Bob Griffin, long time Kokanee Karnival volunteer
2014 Jack and Donna McDonald of Sunriver Anglers
2015 Jennifer A. Luke, ODFW STEP Biologist